• Shaun Jackson was a former roommate of mine
  • He didn’t pay his bills
  • He brought a Pitbull in a couple weeks after he moved in that I did not approve and kept it in a cage in his room all day..
  • I complained about the Pibull several times and he said he was ging to take it to his uncles.
  • Instead he put the dog outside his bedroom window in the cage all day.
  • Then he started leaving for 3 days at a time without giving the dog food or water
  • Two freiedns of mine and me would scoot food and water close to it’s cage so it could get at it with a shovel. It was getting vicious.
  • He  left it for 5 days once and I couldn’t stand it anymore and called animal control. An animal control guy came out and fought with the dog for a half hour before he could get it on the end of his pole/neck hoop. It was impressive.
  • I moved Shauns stuff down to the carport. He was abusing this dog and not paying bills. I did not want him in my house anymore.
  • He came back a day later and wanted to pick up his his stuff. I told him it was all in the carport. Were talking and He hit me with brass knuckles right as I was in the middle of a sentence with no warning. As he hit me he suddenly said “they’re neutering my dog!”.

[I do not remember any of this section of the story]

  • He left. I was out cold. I got sucker pumched by a semi-pro boxer with brass knuckles on.
  • There was one other person in the house. He was supposed to be going out to eat with his two friends but had decided not to go. He came to see what was going on.
  • I was ou. Slumped against the front door. Bleeding a lot. I wasn’t breathing for a minute so he cleared my airways. I started breathing again.
  • ⊗ If he had gone out to eat with his friends it would have been an hour or so before I breathed again.
  • He called his friends to rush over from dinner and the 3 of them rushed me to Summit hospital.
  • According to them I wanted a cigarette on the way. While I was bleeding all over their back seat they said I was very considerate
  • Summit could not handle the injury and rushed  me to Highland Hospital.

[Remember] I vaguely remember a girl over me putting staples in my face. Assuring me that they’d put it back together. [/back unconscious]

  • The guys had called my daughter who had tried to find me at Summit. Since I had moved to another hospital and they had victims protection he had to file a missing persons report. 
  • She found me pretty quickly and in a chair and she took a picture. 
  • I came to sorta [still not remember] and talked to her. I said
    • Where’s my daughter? She said I’m right here dad.
    • Where’s the dog. She said the dog is fine…do you need anything?
    • Cigarette. She said You can’t smoke in here…anything else?
    • Vodka
  • I didn’t remember that . The next thing I remember hours later I came to thinking I was chained to a table on a pirate ship.  That and my hospital stay are an eventful story for later which I will add.

Of note: We found evidence Shaun was planning on fighting that dog. Which is why he kept it in horrible conditions with no food and why he was mad it was getting neutered.

Shaun Jackson

Sucker punched by semi-pro boxer with brass knuckles.

I almost died.

His info below