Michael Sabeh and Stacey Brisbo

Constant threats, multiple assaults, I was hospitalized for assault with a deadly weapon..

Hurt my already injured dog. She later died.

His info below

The Landlord somehow gave this couple  a unit below me even he knows they’re violent psychopaths and thieves who don’t pay their bills.

I believe they are working together

Address:  674 23rd St.  Unit #6 Oakland, CA 94612


  • Michael Sabeh was a former roommate of mine.
  • He didn’t pay his bills. Like none of them.
  • He threatened me all the time. 
  • Threw my pint glasses at me from upstairs which broke behind me and cut my feet.
  • Assaulted me several times hitting and kicking me on several occasions while I was in a wheelchair.
  • Attacked one of my friends.
    • Abel Henriquez
    • 510-447-3865
  • Stole thousands of dollars my stuff WITH A WITNESS.
    • Kraig Debro
    • 510-590-2396
    • kdtalksport@gmail.com
  • After months of living in fear