Robbed and Trashed

Hey guys,

So as I’ve told you my spot was trashed and robbed  the second to last time I was in the ER.

I When Alon broke in back in August 2020 II had been locked out by Mike a couple days before and Danny  had me me call a late night locksmith. i

A couple days later Alon breaks in with no notice, determined to replace the locks I just bought with new fire hazard locks. 

  1. Can you tell me what the urgency was and why you’re so obsessed with the fire hazard locks? I not even want the ability to lock someone. It’s creepy and it bothers people..

So lately you were  putting 24hr notices and I tried to tell you that inspections are illegal.

But when I go to the hospital there’s suddenly an urgent need to break in, replace the fire hazard locks you put  in 15 months ago with fresh fire hazard locks. and you kick out my roommate.

2. What was the urgency here? 

So then when I’m released from the hospital after almost dying… I can’t go back to my place for two nights because I don’t have keys.

Then when I do get in every area is trashed. Much of my stuff gone. Guitar, snowboard, two full sized slot machines, smart watch, money, etc,  etc,  etc.


  • leaking floor
  • locked out of mailbox, no key FOB and my door code screwed up for 15 months

Police want to know who had keys as far as I know  it was just you guys.

There’s only one door and no other way in and no sign of forced entry.

3. Did anyone else have access to the keys but you guys ? If not those locks must be really easy to pick.

  • Whoever trashed my place  had malicious intent.
  • There was a bottle  broken right under where I sit.  I was in the hospital  for two very dangerous leg infections and someone purposefully breaks glass under where my feet usually are?
  • Paperwork completely rearranged. My daughter’s immunization records now in a file with pizza cheese packets. File box pulled off a high shelf and those files mixed in with files from the living room.
  • Futon cover ripped for no reason.
  • They actually brought in junk to throw around that wasn’t here before.
  • This had to be more than one person. One person and a dolly would not be enough to handle slot machines especially with the stairs.
  • This took a fair amount of time


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