1st Green Screen Experiment

Look I got a green screen and started experimenting for 5 minutes. I had no plan and free styled something and tried to be funny. I have hysterical friends I'm going to get involved. I'm going to be going into Catholic churches and making ridiculous confessionals. I'm going to wade into the tent city down the street and hang out with the homeless. I'm going to try and fix the deplorable horrible conditions at nursing facilities I have footage of. I have to go to the hospital within the next couple hours because of sepsis, I have stopped a transgender rape victim from killing them self in an ER room with compassion and jokes, I have ranted viciously at corrupt uncaring healthcare workers and made it sarcastic and fun. I've almost died 6 times in the last two years, bled out for a couple hours with 8 drunk nurses pressing on my wounded face face while I made jokes about spackle and superglue and cornstarch, I've made secret runs in a wheelchair to liquor stores to smuggle vodka into nursing facilities, made friends with the son of Frosty the snowman's from the Xmas specials son while he was snorting non-dairy creamer off tables. Everyday is somethin every day we're hustlin.

We will take down the Kardashians.

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